Trixie Bird Mirror with Wooden Frame/2 Landing Perches, 9 x 9 cm 4011905058610

Trixie Bird Mirror with Wooden Frame/2 Landing Perches, 9 x 9 cm 4011905058610

  • Square shaped mirror
  • With wooden frame and landing perch
  • Keep your bird busy at all times
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Product Description

This square shaped bird mirror for those vain birds out there that need to check their feathers. It comes with wooden frame and landing perch, give your bird something to do whilst beautifying themselves. Measures 9 cm width by 9 cm height.

Box Contains

4 x Trixie Bird Mirror with Wooden Frame/2 Landing Perches, 9 cm Width × 9 cm Height

A sturdy little mirror that my green cheek conure vainly likes to stare into. She also falls asleep on this perch, which I have slotted a sandpaper perch cover over to file down her claws whilst doing her favourite pastime. This mirror, which secures on the bars easily, is better than others that hang in places where the bird can't really get a good look at. Here, Kiwi can get up close and personal with the gorgeous conure next door...
By Leah Smith 16 August 2016
Ordered when one budgie died and thought the other might get lonely but relented and got replacement budgie before this was delivered. Think scheme back fired as original budgie prefers trying to communicate with itself in mirror rather than with new companion.
By Gillyanne 8 January 2017
My budgie prefers this mirror to his others and spends hours admiring his reflection. The only drawback is that the wood seems very soft and although he hasn't chewed any of his other toys he's nearly chewed through both the slim pieces of wood that attach the perch.
By Hilary Burt 20 February 2013
The mirror is a simple design and easy to attach to cage. Budgie really loves it, but after reading that it is not healthy for a bird to have a mirror too long because they become obsessed with 'the other bird' we only let him have the mirror for an hour or two a day.
By Sam 9 April 2013
Very nice item although I fixed some carbord in the gap as the perch part was quite a distance from the mirror for my little canary However he loves it and so do I. Clear mirror and nice wood.
By jenny 3 September 2016
my birds love these i buy them often and these are the better quality ones
By heidi 31 May 2018
delivered 4 days after purchase.. the only reason I haven't giving this a 5 star is that my budgie can take it of spars on cage and bangs it of cage (has nothing to do with product just can be annoying sometimes)... I have had this for 3months know and still looks brand new.. wood is good not thin and my budgie loves it.. is bigger than I thought but no to big .. would recommend
By mel 1 August 2013
My birds love this mirror so much they eat the wood and I have to keep buying them a new one. Quick delivery
By brandything 8 March 2016